Purposes of various website types

Landing Page

A landing page is a webpage that encourages the visitor to do something. For example, we need them to subscribe to a newsletter, to buy a ticket to a conference, to request a quote, or to download a presentation.


The informational website is a large web portal, organized as a multi-level integration of various resources and services, which are updated in real-time.


The corporate website is the official online representation of the company. The corporate site contains comprehensive information about the company itself, about the scope of its activities, products, and services offered. Usually, the corporate website has a catalog of products and a list of additional services – a forum, polls, newsletters and the like.


Portfolio websites are small presentation's of an individual (designer, photographer, artist, webmaster) or a team, namely their talents in certain areas. Ideally, it is a creative project designed to reflect the owner’s experience and to show their skills. The main website element is the gallery (the works performed).s


A business site is a unique means of presenting and promoting your business, optimising information flows and business processes. Internal and external parties use the Business site to interact with the business, leading to increased productivity and process optimisation.


The brochure is a multi-page web resource that contains information about the company or a specific person. This is an advertising image that is perfect for small businesses and private entrepreneurs. Often, this site is created by individuals performing a variety of services.


Primarily, the entertainment website is intended to entertain its visitors, so it is based on providing entertainment information, pictures, and interactive online services.


A personal site is a great opportunity to express yourself, promoting your business or your talents. Sometimes brochure websites, portfolio websites, as well as personal blogs act like personal sites.


Educational institutions are starting to appreciate the multiple advantages of the internet. An educational website provides information about courses offered, requirements, as well as delivering online courses, exams and much more.


Non-profit Organisation websites are designed to further promote the organisations goals, providing stakeholders with related information and contributing to the wider good.


If you’re looking to earn income from one of these website types, ecommerce is generally the most direct route. The whole point of an ecommerce site is to sell items to your customers, as opposed to monetizing content via ads or using content to generate business.

Community forum or wiki

This type of website goes into detail about certain topics, with users collaborating by adding their own information to existing pages or creating their own pages to add to the collection.
This website is designed to create a conversation around certain topics. Here’s how they work: One user creates a post with a question or concept, and other users chime in with their own comments. And then the process keeps going indefinitely.

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