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Before we begin make sure your corporate identity and a brand identity is update and apply it to all the below.

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Build an Email List of Customers & Prospects
Build an Email List of Customers & Prospects
The biggest mistake website owners make is not capturing the email addresses of customers and prospects visiting their website. Building an email list allows the owner to increase repeat sales significantly. Once you’ve started to build your list, sent out a relevant email to them once a month. Make the content of your email actionable advice that people can use.
For example, you can email them tips about how to keep your car in shape for the upcoming raining season
Provide Educational Content

There’s a big opportunity for educational video content. A business that educates their audience on tips and tricks, will become known experts in their field. Create some high-quality videos, push them out via social media to the community, optimize them to rank well on social media like Facebook , TikTok, Vimeo and YouTube, and start growing that client base.

Use a Memorable Phone Number

Whether it is a toll-free number like 0800-WEB-SITES or a local number that ends in WEB or WEBSITE, a memorable phone number gets you noticed.

Great phone numbers are an easy way to attract new prospects because they make your outreach POP and improve response rates. They enhance customer service capabilities by making it easy for clients to touch base with you, and they empower referrals by making it easy to share contact information with friends and family.

A great phone number is an enduring brand asset that can be used across campaigns which automatically creates consistency between online and offline marketing programs.
Promote Referrals With Gift Certificates

Everyone likes to save money, and everyone likes to receive a gift. One way a business can get prospective new customers in the door is to turn free services you offer into a gift that others can give to their customers.

Create a nice-looking gift certificate, and print it out on good quality paper. It is vitally important that this looks like a gift certificate that the giver purchased for their customer, not a coupon, an ad, or a freebie from you.

Approach local noncompeting businesses and ask them to use your gift certificate as a "Thank you for your business" gift. Ideal targets would include complementary services to your business. An example would be a takeaway shop teaming up with a DVD rental store.
Focus on Consistent Branding & Messaging

Your advertising should promote things like satisfaction guarantees along with customer testimonials whenever possible. If you’ve been in business for a long time, highlight the year you were established. If you can get people in faster than your competitors, then highlight your turn times, or make it clear to potential customers that you will make their life easier by handling their needs.

When planning your marketing strategy, look at your competitors and see what you need to copy, and what you need to do differently. Whatever you decide to implement, you must be consistent and track everything as much as possible.

Send Out Great-looking Postcards

Printed postcards never go out of style. Postcards are a great way to offer discounts for your services and invite new customers to your shop. Make sure the design shows your personality, and the message represents your brand clearly. Once you’ve got your design all set up, make sure that your postcards are professionally printed. Then have them distributed in your area.

Use TearDrop Flags to Draw Attention to Your Shop

Teardrop flags grab attention from passersby. One advantage of Teardrop flags over traditional marketing methods like radio or TV advertisements is that you don’t have to keep paying for the advertisement to keep running. For a flag, you buy it once, and it will be marketing your shop for you constantly. The second advantage of feather flags is the cost.

Feature Your Customers on Social Media

By making your current customers feel special, you’re bound to see an influx of referral customers. Leverage the power of social media by featuring photos of happy customers who, in turn, can react to and interact with you directly on the platform.

An email campaign highlighting a loyalty program, or any offers you have in place for existing customers will make them feel special, rather than only advertising offers for new recruits.

For longer-term clients, personalized emails (or even a handwritten letter) can demonstrate that you care about showing your appreciation for the individual, rather than only looking at your customers collectively and impersonally.

Start a Advice Blog

Once you have a website going, it won’t hurt to start a blog as well. Offer to answer common questions and provide sound advice to help build your credibility as an expert in the industry. You can also engage your customers, hold contests and giveaways linked with your social media account.

Send Out eNewsletters to Your Email Contacts

E-newsletters are the easiest way to constantly be in contact with the names on your email list. It’s also the best platform to showcase your business brand.

Keep your followers updated with your latest offers, events, and blog entries in a five-minute email that busy clients will appreciate. Make them feel special with discounts and invites inclusive to your email list.

Add Marketing Inflatables to Attract Attention

If you want to stand out from the crowd, consider adding marketing inflatables in front of your business. Inflatables also increase your visibility during events with their sheer size and unique colors and shapes. Design them into archways or oversized logos that are memorable and can easily turn into landmarks for other businesses.

Sponsor School Events & Sports Teams

Being involved in your local community is a rewarding way to market your business. Aside from participating and sponsoring local events, your business can get involved in promoting sports by sponsoring sports events and the local sports teams.

Having your logo associated with schools and sports clubs, can build your reputation as a responsible and trustworthy member of your community.

Host In-store Events

Hosting an in-store event can easily get more visitors into your shop. Offer training sessions for basic skills for all ages while promoting your services with special discounts. You can even cover this event on your social media account to engage even more potential customers.

Host Online Events

Hosting an online event can easily get more visitors into your sosial medias. Offer training sessions for basic skills for all ages while promoting your services with special discounts.

Create How-to Videos

Spice up your blog with informative how-to videos. Adding tutorials help build a relationship between you and your audience. They are also able to associate a face to your brand, making your business more memorable. How-to videos can help promote trust and credibility to you as an expert in your industry.

Thank People for Their Business

It’s a simple idea, but a thank you goes a long way. Remember, your focus is on making sure your existing customers tell their friends about you. The more you make every experience they have with you memorable, the more comfortable they’ll feel recommending you to their personal networks.

Get Reviewed

Don’t hesitate to ask your customers for feedback. Whether positive or negative, when someone hops on Google, Yelp or Facebook to find out more information, even neutral reviews are better than no reviews at all.

Reviews on these sites are also great because they can indirectly act as a word-of-mouth referral. If you visit a Facebook page and see two check-ins from personal friends, you’re more inclined to trust that business over one you’re not connected with at all.

Create a Follow-Up Program

Another way to stay in touch with customers is by following up with them after they have visited your location. Implement a program that requires a call to each of your customers once that have completed a service with your business. This is one of the strategies that allow you to collect feedback about your performance and create a deeper more personal connection with your customers.

Implement a Services Subscription Plan

If you offer regular maintenance services at your business, consider implementing a program that ensures your customers return to you for all their upcoming needs. Create a subscription service plan that allows customers to spread their payments out over time in return for discounted scheduled services.

Educate customers through informative in-store content.

Customers are notoriously skeptical, so you have to work to build trust with them. One way to do that is by providing informative content that alleviates their fears, concerns, and confusion. In-store signage provides content that:

  • Explains how services are performed and why these are necessary
  • Shares facts and evidence about the value of products and services
  • Includes product demo videos that show how items work
Use In-Store Digital Signage to Promote Products and Services

Customers in your store are highly engaged prospects. Capitalize on that attention by ditching boring old posters and flyers that customers ignore, and instead use engaging and attractive digital signage marketing tools. Digital screens allow you to customize waiting area television programming, quickly update promotions, deliver animated and video advertisements, and use your programming as a silent, continuous salesperson.

Host Events

One strategy that will bring customers right into your store is hosting events. Hosting open houses, information sessions, and seminars about your industry, business networking events or even give a non-profitable organization a platform to do a fund raising. It is good way to welcome new faces to your business as well as form relationships with past customers.

Get Involved Locally

Let people in your community know that you are in the area and dedicated to supporting other local initiatives. Get involved with the community by:

  • Sponsoring local community events
  • Working with nearby charities
  • Partnering with other local businesses
Partner with Other (non-competitor) Local Businesses

Swap marketing materials with your business neighbors to expand your customer reach. You can also take this partnership to social media and offer joint social competitions by asking people to follow each business account and tag a friend. The winner gets a product or service from each participating business.

Market your services BEFORE major weather changes.

Though people need your services all year round, hot summers and freezing winters, are the opposites of each other and your business can sell and offer different products per seasons. Prompt your customers so that they can prepare for these weather changes early.

Don’t Just Settle For Traditional Advertising

People will quickly forget a television commercial if it didn’t impact them in some way, but they won’t forget your creativity. Step outside of the box and put something fresh together – even if that means you’re stacking up crushed cars on your front yard.

Target Specific Demographics

If you’ve got a customer base that brings you a lot of good business, then target those specific demographics so that you get even more people coming to see you and business becomes even better. Instead of blanketing your community with a marketing effort, utilize your referral or discount programs to put a laser-like focus on one specific demographic and maximize your success there.

Transform Your Media

It’s easy to talk about all the awards and certifications you’ve received, but it’s not so easy to translate your awards into something a customer will find to be valuable. Transform your media into a focus on the problems that can be solved with your services and all of your marketing campaigns will likely see more success rates.

Switch Your Pricing Structure

Oddly enough, your pricing structure could be seen as being TOO fair and that could be costing you business. People love a good sale and they love finding incredible deals, but people also have an baseline expectation to pay a fair price for a quality job. If your prices are too consistently low, you’ll develop the reputation of being the Walmart version of our industry in your community. Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between charging R 100.00 or charging R 99.99.

Paradox of Choice
Less choice, more sales. More choice, fewer sales.

It’s a paradox because rationally speaking the more choice you offer your customers, the more sales you should make simply because you’ll be satisfying more needs better. But research has showed that choice actually can be demotivating and get in the way of sales.

Psychologically, the Paradox of Choice is not so much of a paradox because the more options you give people, the more time and effort they have to invest in making a choice – something they may not be prepared to do. Moreover, giving people a smorgasbord of options puts a psychological burden on them because what you are actually doing is giving them more opportunity to make the wrong choice, regret it and blame themselves or you.
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